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  • The Principle - Hoodie // Lagoon Blue
  • The Principle - Hoodie // Lagoon Blue

The Principle - Hoodie // Lagoon Blue

Farbe: Lagoon Blue

High Quality Oversize Shirt 


- 100% Cotton // 240 g

- Long lasting prints

- Designed with love

- Handcrafted with passion 

- Made to be worn with joy :)


Exclusive product !

Only while the stocks last !

  • Care Instructions:


    - Washing: Turn the T-shirt inside out before washing to preserve colors and design. Machine wash with similar colors in cold water, using mild detergent to maintain the quality of the T-shirt.


    - Drying: Please hang the T-shirt to dry to avoid shrinking and distorting. Avoid using tumble dryers as they may strain the fabric fibers and affect the longevity of the T-shirt.


    - Ironing: To preserve the design and graphics of the T-shirt, iron it inside out at a low to medium temperature. Avoid ironing directly over the prints to prevent damage.


    - Dry Cleaning: We recommend avoiding dry cleaning to preserve the quality of the T-shirt. Handwashing is a gentle alternative if you wish to take special care.


    - General Care: Avoid contact with sharp objects to protect the material. Please also follow the individual care instructions on the sewn-in label of the T-shirt.


    - Lifespan: Care for your Classic T-Shirt with love, and it will accompany you on all your adventures and travels. High-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure a long-lasting lifespan.

  • Size Recommended Height
    S - 165 cm
    M 166 cm - 175 cm
    L 176 cm - 185 cm
    XL 186 cm +
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